Index of values

action [Udev.Device]
The device event action.

bool_property [Udev.Device]
bool_sysattr [Udev.Device]

context [Udev.Monitor]
The context to which a monitor is bound.
context [Udev.Device]
The Context.t to which the device is bound.
create [Udev.Monitor]
Create a monitor by connecting to the kernel daemon through netlink.
create [Udev.Device]
Create a Device.t from a Device.descr.
create [Udev.Context]

devices [Udev.Enumerate]
List the devices matching the given filter list.
devlinks [Udev.Device]
The absolute paths of all symbolic links pointing to the Device.devnode of this device.
devnode [Udev.Device]
Absolute path to the device node of this device, as a unicode string, if the device has a device node.
devpath [Udev.Device]
Kernel device path as a unicode string.
devtype [Udev.Device]
The device type as a unicode string, if it is known.
driver [Udev.Device]
The driver name as a unicode string, if any.

fd [Udev.Monitor]
Return the file descriptor associated with the monitor.
find_parent [Udev.Device]
Find the parent device within the given subsystem and optionally with the given devtype, if any.

has_tag [Udev.Device]
Check is the device has some tag.

int_property [Udev.Device]
int_sysattr [Udev.Device]
is_initialized [Udev.Device]
Checks if the device is initialized

parent [Udev.Device]
The parent of the device, if any.
properties [Udev.Device]
Return the properties defined for a device, as a (key, value) list.
property [Udev.Device]
Return the value of a property, if present.

receive_device [Udev.Monitor]
Poll for a device event.

seqnum [Udev.Device]
The device event sequence number, or if this device has no sequence number, i.e.
set_filter [Udev.Monitor]
Filter the devices that are listened by a monitor.
set_receive_buffer_size [Udev.Monitor]
Set the receive buffer size, in bytes.
set_sysattr [Udev.Device]
Update the value of a device attribute.
start [Udev.Monitor]
Start a monitor.
string_of_action [Udev.Device]
string_of_error [Udev]
subsystem [Udev.Device]
Name of the subsystem the device is part of, as a unicode string.
subsystems [Udev.Enumerate]
List the subsystems matching the given filter list.
sysattr [Udev.Device]
Return the value of an attribute, if present.
sysattrs [Udev.Device]
Return the system attributes of the device, as a (key, value) list.
sysname [Udev.Device]
Device file name inside sysfs as unicode string.
sysnum [Udev.Device]
The trailing number of the sysname as unicode string, if any.
syspath [Udev.Device]
Absolute path of this device in sysfs including the sysfs mount point, as a unicode string.

tags [Udev.Device]
The tags attached to the device.

usec_since_initialized [Udev.Device]
The time elapsed since initialization, as a number of microseconds.