Index of types

action [Udev.Device]
A device event action, for devices received from a Monitor.t.

descr [Udev.Device]
A type describing different ways of creating a Device.t using Device.create.

error [Udev]
Unexpected errors, that may be raised by the functions of the binding.

filter [Udev.Enumerate]
The devices enumerated using Enumerate.devices and Enumerate.subsystems can be filtered, specifying a list of filter values.
filter [Udev.Monitor]
Once the monitor is created, the devices that it listens to can be filtered using Monitor.set_filter, specifying a list of filter values.

netlink_source [Udev.Monitor]
Netlink source from which to listen to.

t [Udev.Monitor]
A Monitor.t monitor listens for changes to the device list.
t [Udev.Device]
A Device.t corresponds to a system device.
t [Udev.Context]
A value of type Context.t represents a connection to the udev device database.